The concept of payment and consumer applications based on blockchain technology is subverting the traditional economy, which will unlock the cornerstone of new areas of value consumption and fundamentally change the new global order of value consumption. Value Chain is an application that utilizes blockchain technology and CBT (Cross-Blockchain Transaction) protocol to achieve seamless payment by docking online and offline shopping sites with blockchain asset. It docks online stores and offline stores and other physical and virtual consumer sites with crypto currencies while rewarding every transaction, resulting in VLC tokens, VLC tokens can also be consumed on the chain. The Value Chain team uses infrastructure to interconnect and interoperate physical and virtual platforms with the aim of creating a secure, stable, transparent and tamper-proof product. The Value Chain team strives to provide maximum convenience to our users, empower them to utilize as much blockchain assets as possible, and building an impeccable consumer rewarding ecosystem, accelerating the process of the transfer of value consumption.

Project Planning – A Consumption Value Reward Ecosystem That Connects the Digital Blockchain Assets and Physical Consumption Sites

Our goal is to create a value chain that is applicable to all users and proponents of digital assets and crypto. Our next biggest market is Germany. As a result, we want to ensure any potential German partners are well equipped from the beginning so would heavily recommend selecting the right Bitcoin or Crypto wallet. Luckily our friends over at Kryptoszene have released a truly detailed and comprehensive guide as to the best Bitcoin wallets complete with reviews and pros and cons. Well worth a read for the new investor and this useful guide can be found here https://kryptoszene.de/handel/exchanges-vergleich/.



King Jin

The value chain Value head of the Asia Pacific RegionThe founder of the million Club of value chainInternational professional certification trainerExecutive director of science and technology innovation driven business school Deputy director of public works China branch Jin Qian Cci Capital Ltd Chairman

Peter Sha

Singapore top 10 Travel agent CEO.
Singapore Noble Stone Tech CEO.
Having many years’ experience at Financial Investment and Mass Consumption Areas.
Early block chain investor.
Travel blockchain early developer.
Graduated from University of London.Degree of Accounting and Finance.

Lynn Luo

Worked for NASDAQ Logistic company as Director of Bidding and Pricing.
Singapore top 10 Travel agent Director of Sales and Marketing.
Singapore Noble Stone Tech COO.
Early block chain investor.
Travel blockchain early developer.
Graduated from Dianji University

Jianming Liu

Dr. Jianming Liu is based in Silicon Valley. Senior researcher in audio/speech signal processing, deep learning for artificial intelligence and blockchain. Full-stack engineer with extensive experience from VLSI design, CAD, consumer electronics to algorithms.
Veteran in cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2011, founder of ZCCoin, and BiChai hardware wallet, and a huge investor in the bitcoin trader system: https://www.bitcointrader.site/

Global community activities are expanding.


June 2016

Value Chain launch at Singapore

December 2016

First Cross-Blockchain payment on the private network

June 2017

VLC concept, design and research

October 2017

Core protocal of VALUE 0.1beta release

January 2018

VLC Token sale + network release

Q1 2018

CBT network + VALUE's online market + SDK implementation

Q2 2018

VLC goes live!

VLC(Value Chain Token) Initial Token Sale

Even though VALUE already has a full, multi-asset cryptocurrency concept product, the leap forward with integration with the CBT is anticipated to be more than just a straight-line progression. Bringing developers, marketing personnel, a legal team, designers and many other talented people on board will require additional funds. Offering an Initial Token Sale instead of a traditional venture capital round enables the community to participate in VALUE’s success story, rather than limiting it to a small, selected number of traditional venture capital funds. Furthermore, by giving VLC tokens to users of the VALUE Wallet, whenever they use the VALUE card, they will benefit from VALUE’s future success. An Initial Token Sale is fast, transparent and efficient for exactly this purpose.

On Jan 3rd 2018 starting at 9AM Singapore Time , we will offer 10% of all VLC tokens to be sent as presale token.

On Jan 16th 2018 starting at 0AM Singapore Time , we will offer 20% of all VLC tokens to be sent as initial token sale.

  • 10%: Investor
  • 10%: Founding Team
  • 10%: Presale Token
  • 20%: Initial Token Sale
  • 15%: Development Fund
  • 15%: Community Initiatives
  • 20%: Business Development

VLC Is Listed On EXX

The Value Chain Is About To Land In EXX

Trading Market:VLC/QC,VLC/ETH


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